In Bocavolcan's workshop, nestled in the vibrant heart of Valencia, a story is unfolding, one that transcends time and space. This is the story of the Origen Collection, a narrative woven in precious metals and inspired by the celestial bodies that dance above us.

In this tale, we capture the essence of creation, where the universe’s awe-inspiring beauty is distilled into the form of the Origen Bracelet, Ring, and the renowned Origen Hoops.

At the core of the Origen Collection lies the famed Origen Hoops, a series of earrings that chart a course through the cosmos. Each pair is named after a celestial body, from the intimate Luna to the resplendent Sol, ascending in size and splendor. Handcrafted using the age-old lost-wax casting technique, these hoops are as individual as the planets they represent, with each variation in texture and form reflecting the light as only heavenly bodies can.

The Origen Bracelet is a marvel of artisanship. Forged by hand, this piece is an odyssey in metal, its every contour a testament to the meticulous process of creation. Cast in fine 925 silver, and available with a gleam of 24k gold plating, it is a bespoke beauty, its artisanal origins evident in the unique variations that mark each bracelet. Custom-made within 2 to 15 days, this piece is not merely a bracelet but a segment of a craftsman's soul, echoing the very origins of its creation against the earth's stone canvas.

Then there’s the Origen Ring, sculpted with a vision that celebrates individuality. Each ring is a journey from wax to metal, its path guided by the lost-wax technique, ensuring that no two pieces are alike. The ring’s texture invites the eye and touch, a tactile story of life’s organic chaos and the beauty that emerges from it. This ring is an ode to originality, a companion to daily adventures, and a celebration of personal narratives.

Wearing the Origen Collection is to carry a piece of the universe with you, a reminder of the chaos and beauty from which we all originate. It’s a collection that doesn't just adorn the body; it captures the imagination, a testament to Bocavolcan’s dedication to craftsmanship and storytelling.

Each piece from the Origen Collection is a slice of the cosmos, handcrafted in Valencia and waiting to be discovered. They are not just pieces of jewelry; they are fragments of a greater narrative, breathtaking in their conception and awe-inspiring in their execution, ready to inspire those who wear them to write their own stories in the stars.

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