Why we exist

Welcome to Bocavolcan, where passion for craftsmanship meets the artistry of the earth's elements. Born in spirit in 2016 and taking physical shape in 2020, Bocavolcan is the culmination of desire, passion, and the sheer joy of creation. Every detail in our process, from concept to finished jewel, is driven by our love for transforming ideas into tangible treasures.


What inspires us

Our foundation is built on art, design, typography, and experimentation. Bocavolcan embodies the raw essence of earth and fire, the ebb and flow of coast and sea. We are woven from dreams and journeys, inspired by the textures and hues, the aromas, tastes, and sounds of our experiences. Our creations are meant to resonate with a voice, an emotion, a sentiment, a cherished moment - they are meant for someone.


How we work

The crafting of our pieces unfolds in Andrea's cozy workshop in Valencia, a place where summer lives in the first sunbeam through the window, where music always plays, and where animals roam freely. Each piece is supported by a thoughtful, slow production process, embracing sustainability and local suppliers. Join us, and adorn yourself with pieces that carry stories as rich and vibrant as your own.

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